Palace of Versailles Visit Tips

The Palace of Versailles is a huge attraction to explore, and a few pro tips will surely help!

Here are some helpful Palace of Versailles tips for visiting that will guarantee you a fantastic trip:

Book a Guided Tour

Book a guided tour
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One of the best tips for visiting Versailles Palace is to plan your itinerary in advance and prioritize the attractions you most want to see.

Don’t let the vastness of the Palace of Versailles estate confuse you about what you want to see.

Firstly, choose what you want to see among the Palace, the gardens, the Park of Versailles, the Trianon estates and the Royal Stables.

If you want a smooth and informative experience, the best way to visit Palace of Versailles is through a guided tour. 

The Park and Gardens of Versailles are free to visit, but booking a guided tour of the gardens will give you lots of insight into its history.

Depending on which sections of the Palace of Versailles you wish to explore, you can select from the following variations of the guided tour:

  • Versailles food and bike tour: with which you can tour the city of Versailles on a bike, get a guided tour of the Palace of Versailles and taste authentic French food

Take the Best Mode of Transportation

To avoid wasting time and making the most of your trip to the Palace of Versailles, choose the best mode of transportation to get there.

Several pocket-friendly options drop you at walking distance from the Palace of Versailles, namely the bus and metro.

Taking the bus will cost around €4, and the metro approximately €7. Both options can get you there in about 30 minutes.

Don’t forget these Palace of Versailles visit tips: wear comfortable walking shoes and consider buying skip-the-line tickets to avoid long waits in queues.

Know When is the Best Time to Visit Palace of Versailles 

The best day to visit Palace of Versailles is on a weekday.

Due to small crowds, the best day of the week to visit Palace of Versailles is Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

These days typically see fewer local visitors compared to Mondays, Tuesdays and the weekends. 

Visiting any other day means going through long lines without a guided tour ticket. 

With Palace of Versailles visiting hours from 9 am to 6 pm, the best time of day to visit Versailles Palace is either at opening hours or after 4 pm to minimize waiting in line.

Palace of Versailles best time to visit is during the spring months of April to June and the fall months of October to November.

Eat Well at the Palace of Versailles Restaurants

Eat well at the Palace
Image: Bienvenue-ChateauVersailles.fr

Another one of Palace of Versailles visit tips is to ensure you take breaks during long explorations.

You won’t go hungry at the Palace of Versailles.

When exploring for long hours, we recommend you take a break to fuel yourself with some top-notch French cuisine restaurants.

Angelina is one of the best cafes at the Palace of Versailles, but if you want a filling, savory meal, we recommend the Brasserie de la Girandole.

Download an Audio Guide

If guided tours aren’t your preference, consider downloading an audio guide as a convenient alternative.

A Versailles Palace audio tour helps you carry out a self-guided tour at your convenience.

You get information side-by-side as you gaze at the exhibits of the Palace of Versailles. 

An audio guide for the Palace of Versailles is available for less than €4.

Know the History Before You Visit

Before visiting this world-famous historical landmark, it is best to gain information about it.

Consider learning about key facts and figures to avoid feeling overwhelmed by exhibits from specific periods in Versailles’ history.

Here are a few topics you should know about before visiting the Palace of Versailles:

  • Some historical facts
  • Its significance
  • The monarchy
  • Its architecture and design
  • Sections of the property

Carry Your Most Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Considering how long it takes to visit the Palace of Versailles, be sure to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes.

Navigating the vast 680,000 square feet of the palace and its grounds involves a lot of walking.

While that figure may look intimidating, it gets easier to cover it when you have the best cushioning for your feet.

Even slightly uncomfortable shoes can make your trip to the Palace of Versailles feel like a chore rather than a pleasure.

Avoid sore feet and wear the most comfortable footwear to capture the true essence of the Palace hassle-free.


Is Palace of Versailles worth visiting?

As one of Europe’s most beautiful palaces, the Palace of Versailles offers stunning architecture and rich history.

The vast estate includes expansive gardens, the iconic Hall of Mirrors, ornate royal apartments, and a wealth of historical artifacts.

A day trip from Paris to Versailles is highly recommended for those who want a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the past. 

Can you visit the Palace of Versailles?

Yes, the Palace of Versailles is open to the public, with its various attractions such as the Trianon Estate, Gardens, Gallery of Coaches, and Park.

We recommend booking tickets online in advance to a specific entry time. 
The Palace is closed on Mondays, with different opening times for the high and low seasons. 

What is the cost to visit the Palace of Versailles, including entry fees and guided tours?

The cost to visit the Palace of Versailles varies based on ticket type. 

Entry tickets range between €12 to €25 depending on what part of the estate you want to visit. Some parts are free for entry on certain days. 

Guided tours of the Palace start at around €50, going to €150 for private experiences. 

How long does it take to visit the Palace of Versailles?

Visiting the Palace of Versailles takes approximately 1.5 to two hours while exploring the Gardens of Versailles requires around two hours. 

Additional attractions like the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and Queen’s Village typically take about 1 hour. 

Overall, you can expect to spend half a day exploring the whole estate.

Featured Image: Chateauversailles.fr

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