Palace of Versailles Map

The Palace of Versailles has 2,300 rooms and an area of 679,784 square feet.

Having a map of Palace of Versailles, France, to navigate will be very useful if you’re not booking a guided tour.

To make sure you’re on the right track, the downloadable PDF form of the Palace of Versailles map is available.

You can also access the Versailles Palace map and audio tours on the official Palace of Versailles app.

AppStore and Google PlayStore have applications that you can install.

In addition to the Palace of Versailles interactive map in the application, you can also find audio commentaries, text and videos for extra information.

The audio tour is available in 12 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese.

The number of languages available for each tour may differ depending on the section of the Palace you visit. 

Read along to find more details on the map of Versailles Palace and Gardens.

Palace of Versailles Location Map

When arriving in Versailles by the RER C train from Paris to Versailles Rive Gauche or Versailles Chantier station, find the Palace of Versailles on a map

Palace of Versailles Google Maps offers the best way to walk from the station to the Palace.  

Cross the road to turn right after you exit the station. 

Turn left at the end of the street and you’ll see the Chateau of Versailles directly ahead. 

A statue of Louis XIV on horseback marks the center of this courtyard.

The walk from the station to the Chateau is approximately 2 km, taking about 10-15 minutes.

Palace Interior

Palace Interior
Image: Britannica.com

Once you reach the Palace of Versailles, you see the Honor Gate leading to the Honor Courtyard. 

Here, you go through the security checks, including primarily bag checks, which may cause a short delay, especially during peak times. 

For ticket purchases, you can head to the Minister’s Wing on the left side of the courtyard. 

Adult admission is priced at €17, while there is free entry for visitors under 18 years old globally and EU students under 26 years of age. 

If you have your Palace of Versailles tickets online, you can move directly to the main entry queue. 

The map of Versailles Palace interior shows a U-shaped layout. 

On either side of the Royal Court (Cour Royale) are asymmetrical wings, housing the  Hall of Battles on the left and the Royal Chapel and the Royal Opera on the right.

You can follow the designated pathway map of the inside of the halls of Versailles Palace throughout the chateau to explore its magnificent interiors.

The Royal Courtyard, accessible only with a ticket, lies behind the Royal Gate. 

To the left of the courtyard are the Empire Rooms and the Gallery Of Battle, while the Royal Chapel stands to the right, offering orchestral performances every Thursday. 

The Louis XIV Rooms extend down the east side. 

The Grand Apartments are accessible through the Gallery of the History of the Palace or the Sculpture Gallery.

You can proceed through the Marble Courtyard with striking black and white tiles to explore the symmetric apartments of The Mesdames, Daughters of Louis XV, and The Dauphin and The Dauphine. 

The Hall of Mirrors is situated on the first floor and accessible via the Royal Courtyard and signposted Grand Apartments route.

The Trianon Estate offers three points of interest

  • The Grand Trianon
  • The Petit Trianon 
  • The Queen’s Hamlet, and the English Garden 

You can take a 30-minute walk from the Chateau to the Trianons, take the Little Train or rent electric vehicles for the 2.2 km (1.6 miles) distance.    

To reach the toilets, go across the courtyard and enter the Gabriel Pavilion. You’ll find the toilets on your right in the basement by the Gabriel Stairs. 
Toilets for disabled visitors are located at the end of the Gallery of Palace History. 
Please note that there are no toilets on the first floor of the Palace.

Versailles Gardens

Versailles Gardens
Image: Hindustantimes.com

The Palace of Versailles garden map offers a guide to explore the expansive grounds. 

Exiting the Chateau, you can turn left towards the Parterre for a picturesque view of the Orangerie. 

Walking the Great Perspective, marked by a grand staircase and fountains, reveals the designs by André Le Notre, spanning 500 m to the Fountain of Apollo. 

The French Formal Garden’s groves, resembling outdoor rooms, reflect balance and symmetry.

Some highlights include the Ballroom, Mirror Bassin, and Colonnade Grove on the left side and the Enceladus Grove, Apollo’s Bath, and Dragon Fountain on the right. 

These groves, spanning around 300 hectares, showcase remarkable architectural and artistic features.

You can allocate around 2 hours for a thorough exploration of the gardens.

Admission tickets vary, with special fountain days priced at €9.50 for adults. 


Where is the Palace of Versailles located?

Approximately 16 km (10 miles) west-southwest of Paris, the map Palace of Versailles shows access via the Avenue de Paris.

What city is the Palace of Versailles in?

The renowned national landmark, Palace of Versailles, is situated in the city of Versailles, Yvelines département, northern France.  

Which country has the Palace of Versailles?

The Palace of Versailles is located in France.
A symbol of French 17th-century art, it transitioned from a seat of power to a museum of France’s history. 

Why is Palace of Versailles famous?

The Palace of Versailles is famous for its architectural beauty, extensive gardens, and historical significance.

As a former royal residence, it features over 700 rooms and vast gardens adorned with sculptures and fountains.

It keeps its status as a symbol of French monarchy and artistic excellence.

Who owns Versailles Palace?

The French state owns the Palace of Versailles.

The Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles, established in 1995, operates independently.     

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