Best time to Visit Versailles Palace

The busiest time of the year for the Palace of Versailles is between mid-July and mid-August, while the calmest month is January.

November to March is the low season, so that’s when it’s best to plan a trip to the Palace of Versailles.

Palace of Versailles’ opening hours are from 9 am to 6.30 pm, and the crowds start rushing in as soon as 10 am.

Morning hours are the busiest, so the best time of day to visit the Palace of Versailles is 9 am or earlier.

Another best time to visit Versailles is in the afternoon when the rush significantly reduces.

Weekdays are the best days to visit the Palace, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays, except during school holidays.

Best Month to Visit Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is busiest during the summer months, the high season from April to October.  

Garden shows also run during this time with Baroque music and running fountains. 

If you want to see the garden shows with less crowds, the best time to visit Versailles is during early spring or autumn.

Experience the timeless grandeur of the Palace of Versailles, including the Gardens & Estate of Trianon, for an unforgettable visit during the tranquil mornings or enchanting evenings

However, winter is perfect for exploring the palace with the least amount of crowds and the chance to see its ornate architecture against snowy landscapes. 

While the French-style gardens are free to visit in winter, some areas may be closed, and statues are often wrapped up for protection. 

Winter lacks the vibrant blooms of spring but is ideal if you prefer a quieter, atmospheric experience.

Best months to visit Versailles
For garden shows April to October
For smaller crowds November to March 

Best Day to Visit Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is closed on Mondays, making Sunday and Tuesday the busiest. 

Wednesday and Thursday are the best time to visit Versailles to avoid crowds but you miss out on fountain shows. 

Musical Fountains occur only on weekends, and Musical Gardens are open Tuesday to Friday. 

For the best Versailles experience, use skip-the-line tickets to avoid queues or join a guided tour to enter from a different gate. 

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