Versailles Palace Entrance

Due to the large footfall of the Palace of Versailles, the attraction has multiple entrances, which helps avoid confusion. 

If you’re planning to visit the Château de Versailles, it’s important to know the correct entrance beforehand for smooth entry.

The main Palace of Versailles entrance gate is the majestic Court of Honor (Cour d’Honneur).

After you enter through the main Versailles Palace entrance, there are three subsequent entrances, and that is when you must choose the appropriate one.

The Gate of Honour (Grille d’honneur)

The Gate of Honour (Grille dhonneur)
Image: Wikimedia.org

The Gate of Honour is the entrance to the Palace of Versailles estate; it divides the Honour courtyard from the Place d’Armes. 

Passing through the gate, you enter the Courtyard of Honour (Cour d’Honneur). 

The Honor Gate opens from 7 am to 7.30 pm, with the last admission at 7 pm, from April to October. 

 Opening hours between November and March are 8 am to 6 pm, with the last admission at 5.30 pm.

Entrance A

If you have an individual ticket, you can enter through Entrance A, at the top left of the Cour d’Honneur.

However, you can also take this entrance if you don’t have a ticket. 

You will need to make a stop at the ticket counter first.

The average waiting time at the Palace of Versailles Entrance A is 30 minutes.

Those eligible for free entry, including children under 18, European Union residents under 26, schoolchildren, individuals with disabilities, and their companions, also enter through Entrance A in the Dufour Pavilion. 

If you qualify for free entry, remember to bring a document verifying your eligibility along with your ID card.

Entrance B

Entrance B
Image: BienvenueChateauVersailles.fr

The Entrance B of the Palace of Versailles is best for groups who have already booked their skip-the-line tickets or guided tour.

This entrance is situated at the top right-hand side of the Cour d’Honneur and typically experiences lighter crowds.

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However, groups can only enter at the time mentioned on their ticket.

Individual visitors who have booked their ticket for a group tour must enter from Entrance A.

The wait times at this entrance aren’t long, and you will be inside the Palace quickly.

Entrance H

Versailles Palace Entrance H serves as the access point during European Heritage Days, specifically for differently-abled visitors, their companions and guide dogs.

A pedestrian path leads from the Grille d’Honneur to the entrances. 

Companions of disabled individuals are allowed entry with appropriate documentation. 

Positioned on the left side of the courtyard, it features ramps and an elevator accessible. 

The distance from the front gate to the building entrance is approximately 200 meters. 

Palace of Versailles Gardens Entrance

Entry to the Gardens of the Versailles is through the top left-hand side of the Cour d’Honneur (Court of Honor).

Located to the left of entrance A, the Courtyard of the Princes leads you to the gardens. 

From April to October, entry to the gardens on days featuring Fountain Shows or Musical Gardens requires a fee from Tuesday to Sunday.

Purchase the Palace of Versailles and Gardens ticket for access to Musical gardens and fountain shows and a round trip from Paris. 

Access to the Estate of Trianon 

There are three ways to enter the Estate of Trianon:

  • From the city of Versailles,
  • From the Palace, 
  • From the gardens

You can walk through the gardens, which takes around 30 minutes. 

You can take the Little Train from the Palace and stop at the Grand Trianon stop (20-minute ride). The admission prices range from €4.60 to €8.50. 

Another option is to rent electric vehicles from the Water parterre at €34 per hour. 

Note that access to the Petit Trianon and the Queen’s Hamlet is only available through the Grand Trianon. 

We highly recommend getting the Estate of Trianon ticket in advance for convenience. 

For comprehensive access to the Palace, Trianon Palaces, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate, and gardens, purchase a Passport ticket online. 

You can also buy one after the Versailles Palace Entrance at the ticket office in the South Minister’s Wing.

Versailles Palace Entrance Details and Decorations

Versailles Palace entrance
Image: Bienvenue.chateauversailles.fr

Admission to the Palace of Versailles requires a ticket with a reserved time slot. 

Due to high visitor numbers, admission is only secured with online booking

Even if eligible for free entry, you must also reserve a free time slot via the online ticketing service.

Palace of Versailles entrance interiors feature magnificent gilded panels. 

Northside statues at the entrance of Palace of Versailles depict the Victory of France over the Empire by Gaspard Marsy. 

The south side hosts sculptures of the Victory of France over Spain by François Girardon. 

The Palace of Versailles clock entrance also includes a sculpture of Hercules above the main entry. 

Featured Image: Uk.trip.com

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