The Estate of Trianon

The Estate of Trianon includes the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon and the Queen’s Hamlet.

Built with the addition of ornaments, gardens and architectural treasures, the Trianons were a place where Marie-Antoinette found emotional resort.

The purpose behind constructing these spaces was for the monarchs to have more intimate spots near the Palace.

The Grand Trianon

The Grand Trianon
Image: ChateauVersailles.fr

Due to the pink marble panels that lined the opulent façades of the palace, the Grand Trianon was previously referred to as the ‘Marble Trianon.’

Louis XIV oversaw the building of this piece of the Trianon estate along with Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

The king also used the Grand Trianon as a private meeting place with Madame de Maintenon.

At the time, the geometrically placed flowerbeds planted with thousands of flowers and were a spectacle to all who visited.

The Petit Trianon

The Petit Trianon
Image: ChateauVersailles.fr

The history of the Petit Trianon is filled with personal details of the French monarchs.

Louis XV used this section of the Trianon estate to pursue his love for botanical sciences and as a private meeting area with his mistress, the Comtesse Du Barry.

Louis XVI gifted the Petite Trianon to Marie Antoinette, who had problems adjusting to the court.

This construction is a masterpiece of the neo-classical movement by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel.

The Queen’s Hamlet

The Queens Hamlet
Image: ChateauVersailles.fr

The structure of the Queen’s Hamlet at the Trianon estate is based on a model village inspired by Normandy’s historic architecture.

It contained a dining room, salon, billiards room, and boudoir in addition to a windmill and dairy.

Marie-Antoinette utilized the hamlet for promenades and entertaining guests, however, it was mostly set aside for her children’s schooling.

The most recent and only unchanged addition to the Hamlet is the Queen’s Theatre, built in 1780.

Featured Image: Chateauversailles.fr

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