Tips while visiting

The Palace of Versailles is a huge attraction to explore, and having a few pro tips up your sleeve will surely help a lot!

Here are some super helpful tips for visiting the Versailles Palace that will guarantee you a fantastic trip:

Know when is the best time to visit

When visiting the Palace of Versailles, knowing when you should visit is very important.

The best time to visit the Palace of Versailles is during the weekdays, especially between Wednesday and Friday.

This is when you get the least local crowd, and you can avoid the large crowds that arrive on Tuesday mornings.

Visiting any other day means going through long lines unless you have a guided tour ticket. 

Book a guided tour

Don’t let the vastness of the Palace of Versailles’ estate confuse you about what you want to see.

Firstly, choose what you want to see among the Palace, the gardens, the Park of Versailles, the Trianon estates and the Royal Stables.

The Park and Gardens of Versailles are free to visit but booking a guided tour of the gardens will give you lots of insight into its history.

Depending on the combination of the sections of the Palace of Versailles you want to see, you can choose between the following variations of the guided tour:

Take the best mode of transportation

To avoid wasting time and optimizing your trip to the Palace of Versailles, it is essential to choose the best mode of transportation to get there.

Several cheap options drop you at walking distance from the Palace of Versailles, namely the bus and metro.

Taking the bus would cost you around €4 while the metro would cost you approximately €7, and you’ll reach within 30 minutes with both options.

Eat well at the Palace of Versailles restaurants

Eat well at the Palace
Image: Bienvenue-ChateauVersailles.fr

You won’t go hungry at the Palace of Versailles.

When exploring for long hours, we recommend you take a break to fuel yourself with some top-notch French cuisine restaurants.

Angelina is one of the best cafes at the Palace of Versailles but if you want a filling savory meal, we recommend the Brasserie de la Girandole.

Featured Image: Chateauversailles.fr

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