Due to the large footfall to the Palace of Versailles, there are multiple entrances for different purposes that help avoid confusion. 

The main entrance to the Palace of Versailles is the majestic Court of Honor (Cour d’Honneur).

After you enter through the main entrance, there are three subsequent entrances and you will need to choose the appropriate one.

The Gate of Honour (Grille d’honneur)

The Gate of Honour (Grille dhonneur)
Image: Wikimedia.org

The Gate of Honour is an entrance to the Palace of Versailles estate. 

This entrance is also preferred by disabled persons, for assistance dogs and the person accompanying disabled persons.

They can enter after presenting proper supporting documentation.

Entrance A

If you have an individual ticket, you are free to enter through Entrance A.

However, you can also take this entrance if you don’t have a ticket. You will just need to make a stop at the ticket counter first.

The average waiting time at the Palace of Versailles Entrance A is 30 minutes.

Entrance B

Entrance B
Image: BienvenueChateauVersailles.fr

The Entrance B of the Palace of Versailles is best for groups who have already booked their skip-the-line tickets or guided tour.

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However, groups can only enter at the time mentioned on their ticket.

Note: Individual visitors who have booked their ticket as part of a group tour must enter from Entrance A.

The wait times at this entrance aren’t long and you will be inside the Palace very quickly.

Featured Image: Uk.trip.com

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