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If you’re wondering how to get to the Palace of Versailles from Paris or any other location, we’ve got great options ready for you!

As a tourist (or even as a local), the best way of traveling to an attraction is public transport since it helps you save a lot of money.

To get to the Palace of Versailles, you can travel by metro, bus, bike or taxi.

By train (Metro)

Several train lines will take you to the train station within walking distance from the Palace of Versailles.

RER line C connects at Versailles Château – Rive Gauche train station, which is only a 10-minute walk from the Palace of Versailles.

The duration of the line C train journey is 40 minutes and the stops on the way are St-Michel, Musée d’Orsay, Invalides, Pont de l’Alma, and Champs de Mars – Tour Eiffel.

SNCF trains from Gare Saint Lazare reach Versailles Rive Droite train station, which is at a 19-minute walking distance from the Versailles Palace.

SNCF trains from Gare Montparnasse stop at Versailles Chantiers train station, which is 20 minutes on foot from the Palace.

We recommend you buy two-way trip tickets or a pass to get to the Palace of Versailles by train.

Gather all information about the train timings from your boarding station.

t+ tickets are not applicable for this train journey.
Note: t+ tickets let you travel on the metro, the RER in zone 1, the bus lines serving the Île-de-France region (except from Orlybus and Roissybus), the tramways and the Montmartre funicular.

By bus

By bus
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Catch the RATP bus line 171 to get to the Palace of Versailles within 30 minutes.

The RATP bus line 171 runs between Pont de Sèvres (the end of line 9 in the Paris metro) and the Palace of Versailles.

Find the best route from your location to the Palace on the RATP website.

Taking the bus to the Palace of Versailles is the cheapest option costing an average of €4.

By taxi

Even though taking a taxi to the Palace of Versailles is the most expensive option, it is highly convenient too.

The best road to take to the Palace of Versailles when traveling from central Paris is the N118.

When you travel along the Seine to the Pont de Sevres via the D910, you will reach the Palace within 40 minutes.

Taking a day-long taxi is the coziest and most practical option if you’re traveling in a group.

The average cost for commuting via taxi to the Palace of Versailles is €60.

By bicycle

If you are a local or a tourist with a zeal for adventure, we recommend biking through Versailles and visiting all the attractions self-guided.

A great bike rental in Paris is the Paris Bike Company which offers bicycles at €70 per day.

Book the Palace of Versailles Bike Tour with Queen Farm entrance and pedal a bicycle across the Palace of Versailles’ vast lawns and formal gardens.

Hiring a bike at the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles offers its own bike rental services and you can rent a bicycle for your preferred amount of time.

Bike through the Palace of Versailles gardens, the paths, the Trianon palaces and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate at affordable prices.

Duration of bike rentalFares
30 minutes€7
1 hour€9
4 hours€19
8 hours€21

You can reserve the bike for an additional 15 minutes at €2.25.

There is also a 40% discount on the rental fares for disabled or differently abled individuals.

To make the booking, you need to present a piece of ID and the minimum duration of the rental is half an hour.

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